Billing System Updates

The subscription system runs on our new billing system. Existing customers will utilise the new billing system for subscription payments and the old billing system for website purchases. We hope to have everyone merged onto the new billing system by Q2 2024.

Some of our products and services are provided on a subscription basis. This guide is to help customers who have a subscription product.

Paying by Credit Card

You can add a primary and backup payment method via the billing portal to ensure there is no interuptions to your subscription.

Paying by PayPal

You can authorise Servertastic to bill your PayPal account for subscriptions. Simply visit the billing portal and click on the PayPal button to be taken to the PayPal website to authorise. There is no need to add a card if you just want to use PayPal.

Paying via bank transfer

Some customers are entitled to pay via bank transfer. The bank payment details are included on the bottom of your invoice. Payment terms are 7 days. If payment is not received within the payment terms the subscription may be cancelled without notice.

Advanced billing

When a subscription is initially created the initial payment will be made at the time of purchase. The subscription payments will then be scheduled for 15 days in advance of the renewal date. This advanced due date allows for handling payment and any renewal issues. This applies to monthly and annual payments.

For example if you purchased a monthly subscription on the 25th of the month the renewal payment will be invoiced on the 10th of the next month. If you have a stored payment method we will automatically bill the payment method at the same time.

Changes to Subscription Renewal Dates

Sometimes the subscription renewal date changes. This is normally to align your renewal date with that of the product purchased. For example if you purchased a subscription but it took a few days for the product to be activated the renewal date will be adjusted.

Reminder emails

Prior to being billed for subscription renewals we will send a reminder emails 10 days before payment is due giving customers the opportunity to change or cancel the subscription.

View current subscriptions

To view your current subscriptions you can log in to the billing portal.

Amend subscription

To change a subscripton you can raise a ticket with the billing team.

Cancel Subscription

To cancel any active subscription please raise a ticket with the billing team.