Reissue HTTPS Certificates

There are a number of reasons you may need to reissue your certificate. This could be becuase the certificate has expired but the order is still valid (this applies to multi-year certificates) or becuase you have lost your certificate, need to move servers or had a problem with the original installation.

You can reissue a certificate as many times as required up to the Order Expiration date. Each time the certificate is reissued it will be valid for a maximum of 397 days or the Order Expiration date whichever is soonest.

Reissues are available via the order management page. Simply Log in to your account and locate your orders under the "Review your orders" section.

Once on the order management page simply click the Reissue Certificate button.


As part of the reissue you will need to complete the domain validation process again.

You will then also have to install the newly generated certificate on your server. The expiry date is hard coded into the certificate and it is not possible to simply extend an existing certificate.

You can revisit the order management page at anytime to check on the status of your reissue. However please note it can take a few minutes for changes on order status to be reflected in our systems.