How to Install and Configure Your SSL Certificate in Exchange 2016

Install and Assign Services to Your SSL Certificate with the EAC

Install SSL Certificate

  1. Download and open the ZIP file containing your certificate. Your certificate file will be named your_domain_name.cer.
  2. Copy the your_domain_name.cer file to your Exchange 2016 server's network share folder (where you saved the CSR).
  3. Access the Exchange Admin Center (EAC) by opening a browser and browsing to the URL of your server (e.g., https://localhost/ecp).
  4. On the Exchange Admin Center credentials page, enter your Domain/user name and Password and then click sign in.
  5. In the EAC, in the sidebar menu on the left, click Servers and then in the menu at the top of the page, click Certificates.
  6. On the Certificates page, in the center pane, select your certificate request and then in the certificate request details pane to the right, under Status, click the Complete link.

Note: Certificate request are listed by their friendly names.
7. In the complete pending request wizard, under *File to import, enter the UNC path to where your SSL certificate file is located (e.g., \example\certificates\your_domain_name.cer) and then click OK.
8. The certificate should be successfully installed on your Exchange 2016 server, and the status of your certificate request should now be Valid.

Assign Services

  1. On the Certificates page, in the center pane, select the SSL certificate you just installed and then click ✏ (pencil).
  2. In the "certificate" window, click Services.
  3. Next, check all the services for which you want to enable your SSL certificate and then click Save.
  4. Your SSL certificate should now be enabled for the services you selected on your Exchange 2016 server.