SmarterMail License Options

License Upgrades

If you want to upgrade your license please submit a SmarterTools Request and we can provide a competitive quote for your upgrade.

License Downgrades

Unlike upgrades downgrading a license has some constraints depending on when you want to downgrade.

Downgrade at renewal

If your license key has an existing maintenance and support plan then you can downgrade at renewal. The renewal cost is 50% of the original purchase price of the license size you want to downgrade to. The process of downgrading your licence is that a new licence is issued and the renewal date will be on the anniversary of the new licence. We will process downgrade requests 7 days before renewal unless you want to process sooner. Your existing license will then be deactivated.

Expired License

If your license has expired then you can downgrade immediately by purchasing reinstatement for the license size that you want to downgrade to.

Downgrade with Add-ons

If you license key has add-ons such as Cyren, Message Sniffer or EWS then these will also be downgraded at renewal to match your license size. If you have existing maintenance and support and want to add an add-on and downgrade this is not possible. You can only downgrade at time of renewal or by purchasing a new license. We can calculate the cost difference between purchasing a new license v purchasing the add-on then downgrading at renewal if you need this information.