Introduction to Reseller System

We offer the ability to obtain discounts on our products by using our bulk purchase and reseller system.

You do not need to resell our services to obtain the discounted pricing. But if you want to resell our services you can do using our API or white label order management pages.

Understanding Reseller Pricing

When using the reseller system you have to purchase points for your account. You then spend these points to purchase products at a discounted price.

We use a points system so that customers can purchase in USD, GBP or EUR. The cost of the points are dependent on how many you purchase at once. The more points you purchase the lower the cost per point. This means you get deeper discounts on our products the more you spend.


Currency Options

Points are either charged in USD, GBP or EUR. This is at the time you perform the purchase. Once purchased the points values do not change. You can top up points in whatever currency you choose.

Note that the initial cost of the points may change when purchasing in GBP and EUR as currencies fluctuate.

You can then use the points in your account to generate orders.

You can review the product pricing one our reseller pricing page.

Adding Points to Your Account

You can view the current points available in your account at the top of your dashboard home screen and also in the header of each page. Below the points total is a link to purchase more points.

You can also purchase points directly from this link.

When purchasing more than 1,000 points at a time you will receive a discount and receive bonus points. These means the cost per points is lower.


Bonus Points

Bonus points are included in the total points shown within the pricing structure.
For example 1,000 points includes 25 bonus points as the cost is $975.00. Therefore the cost per point is $0.975 rather than $1.00.