Multi-Year HTTPS Certificates

Since 1 September 2020 all HTTPS certificates that require browser trust can not be issued for any longer than 397 days validity (a little over 1 year). We continue to get requests from customers to be able to purchase certificates with a longer validity.

If certificates were issued with a validity longer than 397 days they would not be trusted by the major browsers. However we understand that some customers want to purchase a long life certificate plan.

The solution is that customers can purchase certificate plans with up to 6 year validity. During this 6 year period you can reissue the certificate as many times as you require. However each certificate will have a maximum validity of 397 days or the remaining days on the certificate plan, whichever is greatest.

Because the Order Expiry and the Certificate Expiry may be different orders will display both of these. You can reissue your certificate free of charge as many times as required until the Order Expiry date. Following each reissue the certificate will be valid for either 397 days or until the order expiry date, whichever comes sooner.

Check out our guide on how to reissue a certificate.

To purchase a multi year certificate simply select the relevent option from the checkout pages or from within your account.