Free SSL (UbiquiTLS) Certificate FAQ

What is the UbiquiTLS certificate?
The UbiquiTLS is a 90 day validity certificate available at no cost via the Servertastic Dashboard and API. It does not include and support or warranty. Validation is completed using Domain Control Validation via Email, File or DNS.

Which CA provides the UbiquiTLS certificate?
The UbiquiTLS certificate is supplied by Sectigo.

How do I order a UbiquiTLS certificate?
The order process is the same as ordering any other certificate. You must Generate a Token and then use the token to order via the web interface or API.

How do I qualify for a UbiquiTLS certificate?
You must have spent at least 1,000 points within the last 365 days when the order is placed. You can Generate Tokens before you qualify but the tokens can only be used when you qualify. The spent points are calculated as follows [points spent - points refunded].

How many UbiquiTLS certificates can I issue?
You can issue an unlimited number of UbiquiTLS certificates but accounts are limited to 1,000 active certificates at anytime. This limit can be increased on a per case basis.

Can I issue multiple UbiquiTLS certificates for the same domain?
Yes you can continue to issue certificates for the same domain as often as required.

Do you provide wildcard UbiquiTLS certificates?
We do not offer UbiquiTLS wildcard certificates at this time. You can purchase a wildcard certificate.

What support is offered with the UbiquiTLS certificate?
The UbiquiTLS certificate does not include any support or warranty. If the certificate can not be issued you must purchase a paid for certificate.