Regional Pricing

Updated 6 September 2021.
DigiCert is a global Certificate Authority that issues HTTPS certificates under the brands of RapidSSL, Geotrust, Thawte and DigiCert. DigiCert have implemented regional pricing.

Regional pricing does not apply to Sectigo or PositiveSSL certificates.

This regional pricing means that the cost of your certificate may vary depending on the region you are purchasing for.

To enable us to supply certificates globally we currently have the following regions:

Standard (All except for countries below)
JPN (Japan Region)

For the standard region pricing will remain mostly unchanged with a slight increase due to DigiCert increasing the MSRP pricing. The JPN pricing will be higher than the standard pricing.

When using the retail website to purchase your certificate you will see two tabs with different pricing under each tab. Please ensure you select the tab appropriate to the region that the certificate will be used.

If your certificate does not match the rules below then you can purchase a standard priced certificate.

All DV orders for gTLDs can be purchased using the Standard pricing.

How to determine the correct region to purchase

Certificates will be determined as JPN region if any of the following are true

  • Organisation country for OV and EV validation is listed below.
  • Domain extension is one of those listed below.
Domain ExtCountry

Information for Resellers and Bulk Purchase Customers

Customers using the reseller system to place orders need to ensure the correct product is purchased for the correct region. If using the dropdown selector in the web app then the products are identified in the description which region they belong to.

If ordering using the API product codes ending in JPN can be used for JPN certificates.

When ordering via the API the product codes have been updated and are shown alongside the reseller price list.