Managing SmarterTools Subscription

Servertastic is providing customers the ability to maintain their SmarterTools License and offering an auto-renewal option so that your license key never expires. This means you will always have access to the latest version and unlimited support from SmarterTools. We also provide a loyalty discount to customers who choose to store their license key with Servertastic.


License Key Information

If your license key does not show in our billing system you must first complete the SmarterTools Request form so it can be added.

Transition Period

While we migrate to the new billing system we are transitioning SmarterTools renewals. When you purchase a renewal from Servertastic we will add you license key to the new billing system and apply credits to your account that match the purchase amount you have paid. Your license will then be set to auto-renew on the renewal date and the credits will be used. We will also apply the Servertastic loyalty discount for previous customers. This means you will build up a promotional credit balance on your account for future purchases.

Billing Portal

When you first login to the portal you will see a list of subscriptions. Click the relevant Subscription for more options.

Adding Addons

You may want to add additional addons to your license subscription. To do so simply select the relevant subscription from above. Then if you have addons available for your license the [Add Addons] button will be present. Click this and select the addons you wish to add. Once added you will be shown the prorata cost for the addons. Once payment is made the license key will be updated by the end of the next working day.

Upgrading License

At this time it is not possible to upgrade your license key through our billing portal. Instead please complete the SmarterTools Request form and we will generate an order for you.

Cancel Renewal

You can cancel your renewal at anytime up to 15 days before expiry.

Simply login to our billing portal, select the appropriate subscription and click Cancel Subscription at the bottom. This will mean that your license key will not be auto-renewed by Servertastic.