pointsaudit result limits

Due to some customers having large points audits causing the API call to timeout this call is now paginated. Updated API Docs.


Support for ICA Selection

Digicert products including RapidSSL, Geotrust and Thawte now support the ability to select the appropriate Intermediate Certificate Authority. This is supported by both the API and the order management page.


Ability to Copy 2FA Link

It is now possible to copy the 2FA link from the account page rather than needing to scan the QR code. This is useful for customers using systems such as 1Password on a computer rather than a mobile device.


View on Sectigo Option

View on Sectigo

Updated Status Page

We have set-up a new status page for customers. This not only provides the status of our own internal services but also of external providers that are embeded in our products.


New API Parameter exclude_addon

Following user requests we have added a new API parameter exclude_addon to the place request.


DigiCert removal of 4, 5 and 6 year certificates

DigiCert has announced the removal of 4, 5 and 6 year certificate plans. These have been removed for retail customers immediately. They will become unavailable for resellers after 06 OCTOBER 2023.


DCV TXT Verification blank

The DigiCert system has been unreliable at present in obtaining the DCV validation string for FILE and DNS entries. We have deployed an update in an attempt to retry to obtain this information where the original call has failed. We will continue to monitor.


Ceasation of

From 31 September 2023 will issue a 410 - Gone result. Please ensure you update your resources to utilise

Feedback and Feature Request System

The new Feature Request and Feedback system is live for customers. This will be used to show what we are currently working on, requests made by customers and the current product roadmap. Take a look and make any requests