Support for ICA Selection

Digicert products including RapidSSL, Geotrust and Thawte now support the ability to select the appropriate Intermediate Certificate Authority. This is supported by both the API and the order management page.

ICA Selector from order page

Intermediate Selector from order management page

For most customers the Default option will suffice if the highest compatibility is required. However we have some customers who require support for older ICA and more modern ICA.

API Updates

When using the API we recommend using the productfields API call to obtain a list of the supported ICA for the specific product. The required ICA can then be specified using the selected_ca_cert option under the place call. If no ICA is provided as part of the API call then the default for that product will be used which is suitable for the majority of installations.

As a result of this update the hashing_algorithm API parameter will be ignored. This will be used in a future update to allow the selection of supported hashes depending on the product.