We offer a series of simple API calls that allow customers to place, modify and review orders by constructing a URL that contains a number of parameters that allow Servertastic to return relevant information or perform an action.

Using the API

This API is intended to be used by Servertastic customers. You must have an account to use the API. You can create an account at https://app.servertastic.com.

You will need your API Key which is available in your account. If logged in it is also available below.


White Label Web Interface

Once you have an order_token you can use this with the white label URL to complete the order. You can provide this to customers to complete the orders themselves or share it with them so they can obtain informaiton about their order.

The white label URL will show below if you have logged in.



Once you have become a reseller you will be provided with an api_key it is imperative that this is kept confidential at all times. The api_key is used to manage all functions related to the reseller account and to generate orders with an order_token. An order_token is used to manage all aspects of an order.

Returned Data

Data is returned in json format. XML has been deprecated and is no longer supported.

Try It

It is possible to edit the parameters within the documentation and click Try It to perform API requests.


Using your account API key or order tokens with the Try It option may result in live actions being performed on your account.

API Logs

You can view logs of your API requests under the API Logs section.