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DigiCert Product Range Price Increase - 10 JULY 2023

On 1st June 2023 DigiCert increased their prices by an average of 8%. We have absorbed the price increase for the last month while we review all of our pricing. DigiCert product range includes RapidSSL, Geotrust, Thawte and DigiCert.

We increased retail pricing last month and today we will be increasing reseller pricing. While we have been subjected to an 8% increase in pricing we have absorbed some of this and on average our prices have increased 4% on the DigiCert range.

This price increase will be applied today. To compensate resellers with existing points we have applied a 4% credit to all reseller accounts. This has already been applied as a one-off credit.

Not all products have increased in price. We are basing the credit applied based on the average increase across the DigiCert range of products.

Sectigo products have not had any price changes.