Changes to Multi-Domain Certificates

We have made some updates to the Multi-Domain certificates available. This change currently only applies to reseller accounts.

The following products have been removed from the application:

  • True BusinessID Multi-Domain (TrueBizIDMD)
  • True BusinessID Multi-Domain with EV (TrueBizIDMDEV)
  • QuickSSL Premium Multi-Domain (QuickSSLPremiumMD)

Instead the following products now have support for Multi-Domains including wildcards. You can either order these as individual certs or as Multi-Domain certs. Simply specify the number of SANs and Wildcard SANs required when ordering. There is no minimum SAN limit

  • QuickSSL Premium DV
  • QuickSSL Premium DV Wildcard
  • True BusinessID OV
  • True BusinessID OV Wildcard
  • True BusinessID EV (no wildcard support)
  • SSL123 DV
  • SSL123 DV Wildcard
  • SSL Web Server OV
  • SSL Web Server OV Wildcard
  • SSL Web Server EV (no wildcard support)
  • Secure Site OV
  • Secure Site OV Wildcard
  • Secure Site Pro OV
  • Secure Site Pro OV Wildcard
  • Secure Site EV (no wildcard support)
  • Secure Site Pro EV (no wildcard support)

The following new products have also been added providing more Multi-Domain choice. These all have a minimum charge of 2 SANs.

  • PositiveSSL DV Multi-Domain
  • PositiveSSL EV Multi-Domain (no wildcard support)
  • Sectigo DV SSL Multi-Domain
  • Sectigo OV SSL Multi-Domain
  • Sectigo EV SSL Multi-Domain (no wildcard support)

You van view the Pricing Page for more details.

All Multi-Domain certificates now also support different top level domains. The web interface will allow you to select a different validation method for each domain.

NOTE: The API does not currently support email validation for different top level domains. For the API you must use FILE or DNS authentication. If ordering via the web interface you can select email as a validation option.